And We're Back!

It's been over a year since I've posted anything on here. In all honesty, life was busy and I didn't feel the urge to write about anything wellness related for some time. The last year has consisted of finishing my final year of college, working, being present for my son and taking care of myself.

A lot has changed in my life and in particular, the way I view wellness has transitioned from a perspective influenced by diet culture to one that is more intuitive. I am more relaxed. My primary concern is listening to my body and providing it with what it needs.

I'm also interested in exploring a broader spectrum of wellness/lifestyle topics--things like sex, mental health, finances, sleep, work/life balance, mindset, spirituality, etc.. Wellness is so much more than what you eat and how you move your body.

I'm ready to dive back into this in a new way. I'll be posting each week, diving into more varied topics that all land on the same theme of cultivating an inner world that feels good to exist within. Articles will feature a combination of me documenting my own experiences and offering advice that is tangible and accessible. This probably goes

without saying, but I am no expert, just someone who is interested in cultivating a sense of inner peace and likes to share as I go.