Self-Love Saturday

We humans are too hard on ourselves. We strive and we struggle, inching further down our paths and beating ourselves up along the way. The truth is that we all our truly doing the best that we can. As we live and accumulate wisdom, we do better.

There is no sense in berating ourselves over decisions we've made in the past or the ways we are falling short of the expectations we've set for ourselves. Everything and everyone, as far as I'm concerned, is a fleeting work of art--all of our decisions, even the ones we believe to be poor, fill in the corners of our life canvases.

This week, as I wrestled with ideas for this post, I realized that a reminder of our inherent enoughness is something that will likely always be needed and much appreciated in a world that is proficient in asserting to us all of the ways in which we are not enough.

In honor of this theme, I will leave you with a task, not one that involves patching up your perceived shortcomings, but rather a task that will urge you to celebrate yourself exactly as you are.

Make a DONE list

I'm sure you have made plenty of to-do lists. If you're anything like me, these lists are even categorized, with each task numbered by level of priority. But what about everything that you have already accomplished? We so often accomplish one thing and swiftly move onto the next thing without taking a moment to celebrate ourselves.

This DONE list is a chance to bask in that delicious feeling of completion--of having proven to yourself that you are capable of doing what you set out to do. Even something as simple as making your bed first thing in the morning is worthy of commending yourself for.