Early Bedtime Challenge

I suck at bedtimes. I fight going to sleep each night because I want to cling onto the unfettering stillness of the evening. This time is precious to me because it is the small sliver of my day that is free from all external expectations. After 9pm there is no one asking anything of me. I don't need to make my son a snack or play another game of dominoes, there are no pressing work responsibilities, no homework to be done, no dishes to be put away in the dishwasher. Total peace of mind.

Unfortunately, this love of the night often backfires on me. I need at least 8 hours of sleep in order to wake up feeling rested and ready for the following days shenanigans. Every hour less than that optimal 8 is an additional brick weighing me down as I move through the day. Not to mention, I have this annoying habit of constantly running late and feeling behind. The later I stay up, the later I am to rise and conquer the day ahead of me. This is a cycle that has been repeating itself for months on end, thus keeping me from a well-rested, more productive existence. And I'm ready to put an end to it.

This week is going to be about resetting my internal clock. Each night I'm aiming to get in bed between 8:30 and 10pm. I'm allowing myself some wiggle room because I don't do good with hard numbers. It creates this pass or fail mentality where if I stay up until 9:05 and my designated goal was to be in bed by 9, I throw in the towel and binge on Netflix until 1am. So we'll pass on the extremes and try for a more flexible approach towards transforming my sleep hygiene for the better. And of course sharing on here will hold me accountable and make me less likely to bail on my goal in favor of late night Netflix binges.

At the end of the week, next Sunday, I'll be back on here to report my experience. Feel free to join me on my early bedtime pursuit and comment below about how it went for you and if you think you'll keep it up.

Wishing you all a beautiful and slumberfull week ahead!