Navigating the Seasons of Life

Life comes with seasons of it's own, not all that different from the seasonal fluctuations in weather.

We humans are sometimes less than thrilled to cooperate with the natural ebbs and flows of life. The irony is that the more you try to rush through a particular part of your life, the greater pushback you receive from the universe and the longer it takes for you to move up and onward to the next season awaiting you. The only way through is through, there is no hacking your way into the more "desirable" parts of life until you make peace with where you are currently at.

I like to think that our experiences are dished out in divine timing. There is a time to tap into your inner resources and really go for the things that you want to bring into your life- whether it be launching a new business, training for a marathon or plowing through a credit-heavy last term in college. Likewise, there is also a time when it is most appropriate to slow down and replenish yourself before launching into another sprint.

Upon having my son about 4 years ago, I was thrown into a slower pace of life as I made the transition from a busy working college student to a new mom spending my days at home, working around the nursing schedule of a newborn. I resisted this phase for a good while. I felt restless and desperately craved the freedom to come and go as I pleased. Breastfeeding forced me to stay put in one place. As I eventually surrendered to this season of my life, I began to value the quiet moments that breastfeeding gave me access to. I used this time to meditate, listen to TED talks and read books that inspired me. My uncle had passed away a few months before I had my son. These quiet moments gave me the space to process my grief, reflect on the past and determine where I wanted to focus my energy going forward.

Nature is wise. It knows how to maintain a harmonious balance- the yin and yang of life, so to speak. Seasons are responsible for creating balance, whether it be in the form of a healthy Earth or a well-rounded life. At times, sprinting is necessary in order for us to carry out our grand visions and leave a lasting mark on the world. It's important to note that each sprint requires a withdrawal of energy- energy that was accumulated during periods of recovery. Living a harmonious life requires us to flow with these periods of hard sprints followed by time to recover. Developing an awareness of the season you are currently in and surrendering, even in the slightest, to nature's course can be the difference between rowing upstream against a powerful current and coasting downstream.