How To Handle The Unexpected

Fellow Type A peeps likely understand all too well the tension that exists between the desire to check things off of a to-do list and the unexpected surprises that slow you down. These surprises take on many forms, sometimes they come in the form of a wailing toddler who is refusing to hop in the stroller, despite your intention to go for a morning run. Perhaps you misread the due date of an important assignment at school and discover that rather than having a week to complete your work, you have one day. Nonetheless, these little surprises catch you off guard and momentarily throw you off of your game.


The most important thing you can do when you encounter the unexpected is to take a moment to center yourself before creating an updated game plan for tackling the challenge at hand. This means temporarily stepping away from the situation and doing something that brings you into a grounded state. If you're in a pinch for time, this does not need to take long. Taking 5 minutes to meditate or go for a walk outside will do.


After removing yourself from the situation you're in a better position to peek at your to-do list and rank the tasks in order of importance. Ask yourself if you really need to complete everything on your to-do list. Chances are some tasks outweigh others in importance- aka their ability to propel you towards your big goals. Being productive and being busy are two very different things. A good to-do list is short and honed in on the tasks that will best help you accomplish your grandest goals. The purpose of this reflection period is to evaluate what is most important to you and what isn't high on your priority list. From there prioritize the tasks that will bring you closer to what you most value and do your best to delegate or ditch anything that doesn't.

Get A Move On

You've taken a breather, cut out the unnecessary and now likely have a good idea of what truly needs to get done. Now is the time to hop to it. Don't let the hiccups of the day slow you down.