Post-Binge Game Plan

Binge eating or any eating disorder for that matter require that you work on yourself every day. To move past the pull it has on you requires having a strong connection to yourself and plenty of freedom to make mistakes. Sometimes you will overeat or have a full-out binge. How you move past it has the power to transform your experience into an opportunity to learn from. Here's a game plan to get you back on track the day after a binge.

Be kind to yourself

The first thing you will feel inclined to do after a binge is beat yourself up about it. What you most need in this moment is compassion. Remember that it was being hard on yourself that landed you in this position. The only way to move through this is with love for yourself. Choose to let it go and give yourself permission to feel good.

Sometimes it's hard to know how to be kind to yourself when Debbie Downer is on surround sound. The secret is to saturate your mind with positive affirmations. This way you have an anchor of uplifting thoughts to ground you when the voice in your head gets snarky. YouTube is swarming with positive affirmations. Find a playlist that you like, pop in some headphones and soak up the good feels while you go about your day.


During a binge, you are basically using food to shut up your mind and body. The day after, all of those feelings you shoved down come up with a vengeance. Now is the time to listen and take notes. Honoring your feelings and listening to your body are essential for restoring balance within you after the chaos of a binge.

Try to identify what it was you were using food to run away from. The data you gather here will give you valuable insight into why you binge and will in turn help you to stop a future binge before it happens.

Nourish intuitively

The key to eating the day after a binge is to let your body guide your decisions. There is often a tendency to restrict what you eat the day after to undo the damage. Going into diet mode is a big no-no as this will lead to you feeling deprived and only increase the odds that you will binge again.

Instead, trust that your body knows what it needs and nourish it with what it asks for. Go into your lunch hour with the mindset that food is fuel, listen to your body and replenish it with food that best serves it.

Move on

Ironically, it is movement that will help you move past the icky post-binge feelings.The purpose here is not to punish yourself, but to reconnect with your body and get into a feel good place. Do what feels good for you, whether that means taking a yoga class, going for a hike or hitting the gym.