The Art Of Self-fullness

Selfishness has gotten a bad rap. This is largely because selfishness has been associated with acting out of pure self-interest at the expense of others.

Selfish vs. Self-full

I would like to point out that there are two ways one can go about the act of selfishness: the ego maniac way and the grounded, self-nurturing way. The ego maniac relentlessly chases after things to satisfy her ego's hunger, while the grounded one is in tune to her needs and holds herself responsible for filling them as she knows that she cannot serve the world if her cup is empty. A better way to phrase this grounded approach would be as self-full, filling your cup before tending to the demands of the world.

The Paradox

Many of those who we consider to be altruistic are also self-full. Oprah, Melinda Gates and Michelle Obama all meditate first thing in the morning and take time to fuel their bodies with good food. They know that if their cups haven't been filled, they have nothing to offer. This is why the best thing you can do for those around you is to serve yourself first. Think about how much happier the cast of Full House would have been if Kimmy Gibbler went home and washed her feet. Self-fullness is an act of personal responsibility. By serving yourself first, you are taking responsibility for your circumstances and relying on yourself and no one else to give you what you most need.

In order to fully penetrate the world with your magnificence, you must first fill your cup.

It doesn't matter how you do so, just that you do.

Self-fullness in action

Being self-full is as simple as tuning into what it is that you need and taking it into your own hands to fulfill those needs. Take time, make time, every morning to tend to yourself before the world comes buzzing through your phone. Do the things that give you life and get you excited to hop out of bed in the morning. Nourish yourself with good nutrition, stay hydrated and prioritize sleep. Don't make excuses for failing to show up for yourself. Know that when you are healthy and happy, when your cup is full, the rest of the world reaps the rewards.