3 Ways to Snap Out of a Funk

Everyone soars and dips on the emotional barometer from time to time. Getting rid of the lows isn't an option, nor would it make sense to do so even if it was. Feeling down is the yin to the yang of joy- we couldn't experience one without the other. That being said, we certainly do have a say in how quickly we move through the funks and what we learn from them. Here are a few things I do to politely show my grump monster to the door.

1. Sit with it.

One option is to do nothing. I mean really do nothing but observe the flow of your breath and the feelings moving through your body. After a while of doing this, you will notice that emotions come and go in waves. Even the most pressing feelings will leave with time if you allow yourself to feel them fully. This will help you take on the perspective of an outsider. From here you can detach from the urgency of whatever it is you're experiencing and approach your problems with a sense of curiosity. You can take a stab at doing this on your own, or go with a guided meditation on YouTube.

2. Move through it.

If you're in a crummy mood, one of the best things you can do is physically exert it out of you. If you go this route, try challenging yourself to the point that your mind is consumed with nothing else but the task at hand. When I feel frustrated, a few of my go-tos include lifting weights, sprinting around the block or pushing myself through a steep hike.

3. Zoom out.

I particularly like to go on hikes, day or night, when I'm in a funk. For one, the exercise helps me move though whatever I'm feeling. What I find helpful in particular is seeing a glimpse of the world from the top of a mountain. Looking down at the colonies of houses, cars and people immersed in their daily lives gives you a birds eye view of what matters and what's insignificant. From here you will gain clarity about where to focus your energy and where to let go. And mostly, it will become glaringly evident that nothing is worth pulling your hair out over.